The Song of Pueblo is a multi-media performance with historic photographs, paintings and video reenactments projected behind the musicians

Song of Pueblo


“We are privileged to have worked with gifted composer Daniel Valdez, also known for his career in national theater, and film.  Mr. Valdez donated his rights to the music, so this oratorio, this form of musical story-telling, is a gift to us all.”

Producer, Deborah Espinosa

Song of Pueblo

The opening song, sets the scene of the special city, Pueblo. As the story unfolds, the vitality, the diversity, the stamina and the energy of the people come through.

Ballad of Cuerno Verde

The Ballad of Cuerno Verde takes us through the hard-fought battle between Spanish General Juan Bautista de Anza’s battle and the Comanche Chief Cuerno Verde. 

Founders’ Fandango

Founders’ Fandango continues the theme of the social life at El Pueblo. CWith so many people involved in a trading partnership and people coming and going, it is hard to identify any one founder.

Song for Teresita

One woman among the early setters at El Pueblo, Teresita Sandoval, once described as “pretty as a peach”, is remembered above all, for her independence, strength and influence. 

Corrido de Tierra Blanca

Christmas Season 1854, El Pueblo is the scene of a great tragedy when two young Sandoval boys and Chepita Miera were taken captive by raiding Mauche-Ute Warriors.

Death at Sand Creek

On Nov. 29th, l854, Col. John Chivington and his men attacked a peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho encampment.

Ludlow Field

The composer wrote haunting music to a poem, written by union-official Frank J. Hayes, after the militia fired on a tent city of striking coal miners and their families.

They Came to Pueblo

Immigrants from more than a dozen countries brought their music, foods and traditions as they came to work and raise families here.

Flood of ’21

At a most prosperous time for Pueblo a tragedy strikes the city in the form of a flood which devastates the town. Hundreds are killed in the city’s worst disaster.

Elm Street

In the shadow of the giant blast furnaces, of the CF&I Steel Mill, new arrivals brought a taste of Italy to Elm Street that remains to this day.

Western Medley

These songs take the audience through the challenging times of the Gold Rush, cattle drives and steel making.  (public domain)

Mississippi Saints

Mormon followers of Brigham Young struggled westward in search of their Promised Land. The sick and weary Mormon Battalion and the Mississippi Saints wintered at El Pueblo, 1846, during the Mexican-American War.


Union Avenue

Union Avenue recalls an era of prosperity evident in the bustling atmosphere of shoppers, venders and trolleys. 

Bojon Town

At a most prosperous time for Pueblo a tragedy strikes the city in the form of a flood which devastates the town. Hundreds are killed in the city’s worst disaster.

The Old Trading Post

The Old Trading Post is a fast-moving piece takes us into an old adobe post, “El Pueblo”, where a variety of goods, animal pelts, cloth, cooking utensils, tobacco, food staples and weapons, are sold.


This lively song is a nostalgic piece about the city’s diverse newspapers, The Pueblo Chieftain and the newsies, that hawk the papers to passers by.

Videos Created By Juan Espinosa